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27 January 2012

Mayor of Gjilan is in Conflict of Interest

Prishtina, 27 January 2012 - Anti-Corruption Agency sent a request to the Court for Minor Offences in Gjilan to start violation proceedings against the Mayor of Gjilan, Qemajl Mustafa, due to his conflict of interest position. Despite the requests of the Agency to avoid this conflict, he has not demonstrated willingness to comply with the Law on Prevention of Conflict of Interest. 

On 15.07.2011, a notifying letter was sent to Mr. Mustafa by which the Agency notified him that the investigation began on grounded suspicion of conflict of interest situation in Exercising Public Function. Following this letter, the Senior Official made his appearance at the Agency and in a meeting with officials of the Agency faced the facts. 
Through evidence taken from official KBRA, the Agency has found that the Senior Official, Qemail Mustafa is one of the owners of private business "Frutta Viva" Sh.p.k, while the situation of conflict of interest with his public office as Mayor is brought by his position as the only person authorized of the mentioned business.

The Agency has advised several times Mr. Mustafa on manners how to prevent the conflict of interest situation in which he was. But, despite the legal deadline provided by the Agency, Senior Official has not taken any action to prevent this situation, so on the date of 17.11.2011, a second letter was sent to him through which he was requested to change this situation within the determined legal deadline.

Even after this time, Mr. Mustafa has not responded with any action done to change the situation of conflict of interest in exercising his public function.

Article 16, paragraph 1 of this law states that: - Senior public official cannot be a manager or a member of managing bodies of profit-making and non-profit-making organizations, with the exception of political subjects and cases when such a position is dictated because of the function. 

Therefore, as a result of not readiness of Mr. Mustafa to waive the conflict of interest in which he is, the Agency requested the court that pursuant to the law, take required measures for this case. 

Anti-Corruption Agency is determined with the highest commitment to fulfill its mission on enforcement of some laws in which also takes part the Law on Prevention of Conflict of Interest.


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