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Fighting Corruption

Law enforcement

  • Law Enforcement is one of the three main pillars that support the strategy work of the Agency. Law Enforcement means the investigation of suspected cases of corruption and proceeding criminal charges on the criminal acts of corruption to the competent Public Prosecutor of Kosovo in cases where no criminal proceedings are initiated, and the drafting of new laws to change and amend the legal framework in this field.

  • Department of Investigations among other priorities has investigating cases of alleged corruption, as those reported, as well as investigating cases ex officio when the agency comes to grounded information on alleged corrupt actions.

  • Investigation Department has continuously studied and followed the positive trends of development of anti-corruption legal framework in the region and Europe, with a view to amending the anti-corruption legal framework in Kosovo.

  • In this regard the Department of Investigations is actively engaged regarding the amendment of the Anti-Corruption Law, the Law on Prevention of Conflict of Interest in Exercise of Public Function, taking part in inter-governmental working groups and has provided valuable input during examination of the laws at the Parliamentary Commission on Legislation and Judiciary, in all stages of its review until their final approval.

  • These two laws were approved by the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo and the same are promulgated by the President of the Republic of Kosovo. It has also participated in preparing the Draft Law on Declaration, Origin and Control of Assets and Gifts of Public Senior Officials taking part in inter-governmental working groups and the Parliamentary Commission on Legislation and Judiciary. This law was approved by the Assembly of Kosovo and promulgated by the President of the Republic of Kosovo.

  • In the sequence was initiated the preparation and drafting of the Anti-Corruption Strategy and Action Plan for 2009-2011, which were approved by the Assembly of Republic of Kosovo on 12 October 2009.

  • Investigations Department in order to implement the statutory mandate and greater functionality of ACA, has conducted an important activity in terms of preparation of internal acts, contributing professionally in the development and issuance of internal decisions.

  • Department of Investigation has given its contribution through professional feedback, specific recommendations and participating in working groups during the amendment of the Criminal Code, especially in regard to crimes against official duty, by proposing the change of current offenses, the addition of new offenses as well as stricter criminal sanctions for such offenses.

  • ACA officials have actively participated in the meeting of the governmental subgroup on anti-corruption within the Public Administration Reform in Kosovo organized by the Ministry of Public Administration.

  • By invitation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, ACA has participated by giving its contribution in the preparation of the Strategy against Organized Crime and Crime Prevention Strategy.

  • Department of Investigation has taken part in public debates initiated by the Ministry of Public Administration related to the preparation of the Draft Law on Civil Service in Kosovo by providing comments and legislative proposals needed to enrich the proposed legal matter.

  • Department of Investigation has offered considerable legal advice to different citizens who came to the Agency to file their complaints for these cases.

  • Department of Investigation not being competent to resolve these cases itself, has guided various entities to address their complaints to the competent institutions.