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01 October 2010


Anti-Corruption Agency in accordance to article 17 paragraph 2 of Law no. 03/L-159 for Anti-Corruption Agency in cooperation with the European Commission Project to support the Anti-Corruption Institutions SACIK has organized meetings of contact points of the institutions and other entities involved in finalizing the revision of the Anti-Corruption Action Plan, the goal of these meetings was to finalize the review of the Anti-Corruption Action Plan 2009-2011.
During these meetings were discussed changes to objectives and actions which have been part of the current Anti-Corruption Action Plan 2009-2011.
Also were discussed the new targets and actions which are planned to be included in the revised Anti-Corruption Action Plan, it is worth mentioning that during these meetings were harmonized positions and was agreed on the finalization of the revised Anti-Corruption Action Plan 2009-2011.
Meetings were held on 27 and 28 September 2010 at the premises of Anti-Corruption Agency
To these meetings were invited to participate 43 institutions and entities, and there attended 25 of them listed as follows:
1. Central Election Commission 
2. Prime Minister's Office 
3. Ministry of Public Administration 
4. Ministry of Local Government Administration 
5. Ministry of Energy and Mining 
6. Ministry of Education, Science and Technology 
7. Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare 
8. Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications 
9. Ministry of Justice 
10. Ministry of Communities and Returns 
11. Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports 
12. Tax Administration of Kosovo 
13. Supreme Court 
14. State Prosecution 
15. Office of the Ombudsperson 
16. Kosovo Police 
17. Police Inspectorate 
18. Office of the Auditor General 
19. Central Bank of Kosovo 
20. Kosovo Energy Corporation 
21. Kosovo Customs 
22. Association of Municipalities 
23. Kosova Democratic Institute 
24. Movement FOL 
25. Anti-Corruption Agency

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