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01 March 2012

Property Declaration of Senior Officials begins

Prishtina, 1 March 2012, The Anti-Corruption Agency publicly announces to all public officials who are obliged to do their property declaration to ACA that the legal deadline for regular annual property declaration starts tomorrow on 1 March and the process ends on 31 March 2012.
As it is known, the Law no. 04/L-050 on the Declaration, Origin and Control of Property of Senior Public Officials and on Declaration, Origin and Control of Gifts for All Public Persons, obligates all public officials to declare their property status to the Anti-Corruption Agency. Whereas, public officials, who are for the first time included in the list of senior public officials in accordance with the Law No. 04/L-050, have to do the property declaration within the abovementioned time frame.
Due to the changes to the law, this year the number of officials who are obliged to declare their property is 3659 which is different from last year when the number was 1830. 
ACA encourages senior public officials to respect the legal deadline for declaration of their property in order to be able to avoid the initiation of judicial proceedings. Non-compliance to the deadline for declaration of property obligates the Anti-Corruption Agency to initiate violation proceedings against them at the competent courts. Furthermore, the ACA is also obligated to publish their names. 
Anti-Corruption Agency is open to cooperate with all the contact officials in all institutions in order for the process of property declaration to end successfully.

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