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14 February 2012

Agency prevents the violation of Law on Public Procurement

Anti-Corruption Agency welcomed the decision of the procurement office of the regional waste management Company "Ambienti" from Peja municipality to terminate the procurement activity for the tender "Supply of (nylon) bags for household waste”. 
In this case, the agency has monitored ex officio the tender procedures and has addressed to tendering authority an opinion through which it informed them that in this case there are violations of procurement procedures. (Download the document/opinion as pdf). 
The Agency has received confirmation from the procurement office of the regional waste management Company "Ambienti" from the Municipality of Peja that all tendering procedures have been terminated. 
In terms of prevention of corruption or rather of the more successful implementation of the Law on Prevention of Conflict of Interest in Exercising Public Function, the Agency continuously monitors the procurement activities of all Kosovo budget spending organizations (tender announcements).
The Agency encourages all Kosovo budget spending agencies to take into account the Agency opinions of this nature in order to avoid violations of the Public Procurement Law
The Agency is an institution that has a legal obligation to provide opinions regarding the procurement activities (tender procedures) and this activity extremely affects in the prevention of corruption.
In this manner, the Agency has also addressed to municipality of Peja an opinion regarding the tender "Development of urban regulatory plan for B.T. skyscraper," and hopes that the Municipality of Peja will take a decision to stop further procedures in regard to this tender as violations of Law on Public Procurement have been noted. (Download the document/opinion as pdf).

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