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28 October 2011


Prishtina, 28 October 2011 - For the sake of truth and fairness to public opinion, Anti-Corruption Agency is obliged to react against the Report of Movement "Fol" (Speak) titled "Property Declaration", published on 27 October 2011.

Although this movement names the report "A brief comparative analysis on declaration of property of the leaders of the main public institutions in 2010 and 2011", in fact, this "analysis" has many logical and mathematical flaws.

In this report, the Movement "Fol" criticizes Agency officials for not declaring the property for 2010. The truth is that prior to the Law Against Corruption, Agency officials had no obligation to declare property as senior public positions had.

But, the law has required the Agency officials to declare their property to Parliamentary Committee responsible for oversight of the Agency and this had been done, as well as the current declaration which is made as provided by the Law on Anti-Corruption Agency.

On the other hand, when the comparative figures of senior public officials are referred, movement "Talk" has made some logical errors in its report.

For instance, in the case of the Speaker of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Jakup Krasniqi, the report in question states: "In 2010, Assembly Speaker Jakup Krasniqi (in the same public function), has declared monetary value of property in total of €976,880,00, whereas in 2011 the total amount declared is €443.247, which represents less monetary value of €533,633.00".

Realistically, in the form of 2010, Mr. Krasniqi declared an immovable property worth 600,000 euros in a joint family property, whereas in 2011 in the form is the sum of 75,000 euros which means that it is property divided in eight parts. It is written in the form published on the official website of the Agency on the Internet. Such errors are presented in this report in calculating the properties of other officials. 

Anti-Corruption Agency informs the public that this report was not at any moment made in cooperation with the Agency. Initially, Movement "Fol" has requested cooperation and we were very ready for this. Furthermore, the agency initially warned Movement "Fol" that in many cases the data are not consistent with the forms published by the Agency. We expected that during the process of finalizing this report we will have cooperation, but such a thing was not required anymore. The Agency considers this report to be with distorted data and unprofessional analysis.

Also, the Agency since 2008 permanently makes the comparison of declared property by senior public officials and in cases when the property of any official is increased beyond normal possibilities, the Agency addresses the cases to the competent Prosecutor for action. 

However, despite this report which we consider has too much untrue information, Anti-Corruption Agency is willing and open to continue the cooperation with any organization which has as its mission the fight against corruption, but only as part of a serious professional commitment.

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