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16 December 2010


PRISHTINA, 16 December 2010 - Director of Anti-Corruption Agency Hasan Preteni expressed his optimism on the outcome of the fight against corruption as Kosovo is building a strong foundation of legislation and strategic documents against this phenomenon.

"I am optimistic in our results in the fight against corruption. Support for this optimism is the fact that Kosovo is establishing a solid base of legislation and supporting documents to strengthen the fight against corruption and in this regard we will have significant success", said Mr. Preteni.

He spoke on Thursday (16 December 2010) in Prishtina at the meeting on: "The future depends on you", organized by SACIK project funded by the European Commission which aims to support Kosovar institutions that have the mission to fight against corruption.

Furthermore, speaking about the issues of anti-corruption strategy and action plan Preteni said that it has been a very difficult process given the prolonged adoption by the Assembly.

"I think that in this respect the politics had failed to find a common language in the issuance of these documents important to the fight against corruption. This is due to the fact that the Assembly failed to adopt it in the provided time and a period of several months was required to bring it back again to the Assembly to be adopted", he said. 

Anti-Corruption Agency is an institution that monitors the implementation of the anti-corruption Action Plan. The officials of this institution collect the data regarding the implementation of this document by the public institutions and as a report send them to the Kosovo Assembly.

Speaking about the process of monitoring the implementation of this plan Preteni said - "The duties that I have regarding the action plan are set to take place by the end of 2011. I hope that the action plan will be implemented within the deadline, by the end of 2011 and after that will be issued a strategic document with a longer term period of five years".

The other panellist Drita Hajdari, Anti-Corruption Coordinator for the State Prosecutor's Office, said that in all district or municipal prosecutions are assigned special prosecutors to deal exclusively with corruption cases.

Mrs. Hajdari, who took this function two months ago, expressed her and State Prosecutor's Office willingness to combat corruption, but as she said there are difficulties in the first stages.

In this meeting also talked Shaip Havolli from the Directorate for Economic Crimes and Anti Corruption from the Kosovo Police and Trendelina Dreshaj from the Office of the Prime Minister for Good Governance.

All speakers said that a much better coordination has been started among anti-corruption mechanisms as ACA, the State Prosecution and the Kosovo Police in order for Kosovo to have soon the desired results against the phenomenon of corruption.

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