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17 August 2009


PRISHTINA, 17 AUGUST 2009 - The Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency, requested today from six institutions to initiate the dismissal procedure for six senior officials for non-declaration of their property, which is provided in the law against corruption.

This request comes as a result since the officials listed below after the expiration of the imposition of administrative measures for 3 months that was dated 13 August 2009, did not declare the property.

Names of senior officials for whom is requested dismissal procedure for non-declaration of property, are:

Zlatica Vukasinovic - President of Municipal Court - Leposavic, Snezana Kostic - Municipal Court Judge – Leposavic, Sudan Gorani - District Court Judge - Peja, Demush Krasniqi - Municipal Court Judge - Malisheva, Slobodan Stefanovic - Municipal Prosecutor Prosecution in – Gjilan, Mahmud Lilaj - SH.SH.M.B. Director, Gjakova - Ministry of Health

Based on Article 39 of the Anti-Corruption Law (ACL) 200/34, Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) monitors the property of senior officials as specified in Article 2 of ACL, in a special form that is defined by ACA.

According to the legal provisions of ACL - completed forms should be submitted to ACA until 31 March for the previous year. Up to this date in 2009, this legal obligation has been fulfilled by 78.3% of senior public officials from 800 of them who have been obliged to declare the property by ACL. In accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 43 of the ACL, if the senior official does not submit the information referred to in Article 41 and 42 of ACL - within the period defined in this Law, ACA - issues a warning and sets a new deadline, which cannot be shorter than 15 days after the warning. Based on this, the Agency after verifying the lists of senior officials, who had not submitted the forms dated 03 April 2009, issued a warning and set a new deadline for submission of forms. The new deadline set by the ACA - determined the date 30 April 2009, as the legal deadline for submission of declaration forms on the property, where the number of senior official who have declared the property until this date amounts to 778 or 97.2%.

In cases where a senior official has not submitted information regarding the status of his property within the time specified by law, pursuant to paragraph 3 of Article 43 of ACL - the ACA has informed official institutions where they serve about their non-declaration of property and also has requested administrative measures to be taken to reduce the salary for 1/5 or 20% for each month (this measure lasts 3 months). The number of senior officials to whom was required this administrative measure to be taken was 22 of them.

After the expiration of the imposition of administrative measures for 3 months which was dated 13 August 2009, the number of senior officials who have not declared property is 6 of them. In accordance with paragraphs 4 and 5 of Article 43 of ACL, from the institutions where these senior officials work, on 17 August 2009, we requested initiation of dismissal procedure for non-declaration of the property.


Of 800 senior officials who were obliged to declare their property by ACL, 794 or 99.2% of them declared their property in 2009.

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