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05 August 2009


Draft National Anti-Corruption Strategy and Action Plan passed the assessment procedures of all parliamentary committees, while it is expected that these documents will be adopted by the Assembly in early September this year.

Adoption of these documents will help ACA and Kosovo society to empower more strategic anti-corruption policies.

Anti-Corruption Law makes responsible ACA for preparing these two documents. ACA as responsible for drafting of this strategy and the contribution of all institutions, civil society, media and foreign experts managed to finalize this document and submit to the Government in September 2008. During a parliamentary session adoption of the strategy failed because it did not get enough votes by members of the Assembly to enter into force.

On the other hand, the process of drafting the anti-corruption action plan began in December 2008.

This document, which contains anti-corruption measures for each sector, in the state or private sector, aims to promote to maximum the energy of Kosovo in the elimination of corruptive acts the extent of which seems to be disturbing.

These documents will be implemented when the Kosovo Assembly adopts them. Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency, as responsible for preparing these documents, will have the responsibility to monitor the implementation of measures by all mechanisms provided for each sector in the action plan.

In this regard every sector institutions are obliged to report to the ACA at least once in four months, while the ACA will report to the Assembly of Kosovo.

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