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25 June 2018


Prishtina, 12 March 2008 - Anti-Corruption Agency requires some municipalities and independent institutions of the Republic of Kosovo to respect the legal framework of Kosovo and to designate an official contact with the ACA in the matter of registration of gifts.

In chapter 4 of the Anti-Corruption Law 2004/34 and paragraph 6.1 of Article 6 of the Administrative Instruction of MPS, no. 02/2008 on the registration of Gifts in the Catalogue of Gifts in Institutions of Civil Service of the Republic of Kosovo, every institution of Civil Service of the Republic of Kosovo is obliged to maintain the gifts catalogue register.

In order to implement the obligations arising from legal acts mentioned above, the Agency has required all municipalities and other independent institutions to designate a contact person to coordinate these activities (registration of gifts). All official notices were sent to institutions on or after 08 January 2008, while 14 municipalities have responded within legal deadline, although the formal requests have been ongoing.

Municipalities that have not yet given an official contact with ACA are: The municipality of Decan, Lipjan, Zvecan, Dragash, Malisheva, Kamenica, Peja, Zubin Potok, Klina, Shtrpce, Ferizaj, Leposavic, Prishtina, and the municipality of Viti.


In this regard the willingness to cooperate with the ACA has not been demonstrated also by two independent institutions from 17 of them existing in Kosovo.

1. Ombudsperson Institution

2. Energy Regulatory Office


Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency makes a public call to these institutions to designate contact persons in order for an urgent start of the process of registration of gifts in the catalogue of gifts of public institutions, and consequently pave the way for complete implementation of legal framework against corruption.

ACA appreciates highly the contribution of everyone given to the prevention and combating of corruption in Kosovo, thus recording the Gifts of Public Institutions is considered as a powerful tool in preventing corruption.



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