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24 February 2009


PRISHTINA, 24 February 2009 - Anti-Corruption Agency expressed surprise with the attitude of some non-governmental organizations, which addressed calls to the Republic of Kosovo Assembly not to adopt the Anti-Corruption Strategy.

In conference with journalists held today (Tuesday, 24 February), representatives of several non-governmental organizations: Çohu, Fol 08, INPO and KDI confuse anti-corruption strategy as a document owned by the Government of Kosovo. Anti-Corruption Law holds responsible ACA that after a year of being established as an institution it should begin the process of drafting anti-corruption strategy which means that it has to own it up itself.

ACA has operated according to this law and the fact that from March 2008 it took over the drafting of this strategy and in collaboration with many local mechanisms as well as international, in September 2008 concluded the process of drafting and draft Strategy was submitted to the government of Kosovo through which this document should be placed in the Parliament for adoption.

Draft Anti-Corruption Strategy project has gone through an open process for several months, where have been invited to any meeting the representatives of civil society, including organizations in question. And in fact, except the organization INPO others have not responded positively to the ACA invitation.

However, Anti Corruption Agency appreciates highly the role and commitment of all those non-governmental representatives who were a very important part of the process of drafting anti-corruption strategy, and also encourages civil society in their efforts to advance the process of issuing these important documents.

In this sense, the fact that the presence of corrupt actions remains a troubling phenomenon in Kosovo society, ACA believes the adoption of this document is extremely important and in no way should be overlooked. This document is prepared with the commitment of everyone, without exception, and is also strongly based on the recommendations of the Experts of Council of Europe, even with the direct participation of people as one of the experts of this organization.

Concerning the anti-corruption action plan, we are dealing with a confusion of representatives of organizations mentioned since this document is now in the process of its making and is not approved by the Government as it was presented in this conference.

Anti-Corruption Agency strongly calls for stronger cooperation between all state mechanisms and civil society to continue to give their contribution, as they did to date, in drafting anti-corruption action plan.

Anti-Corruption Strategy and Action Plan as a document accompanying this strategy will be a strong pillar of fighting and preventing corruption through these two documents which aim to strengthen the rule of law, transparency, establishment of standards, economic development, free competition, as well as raising awareness of civic morality and values.



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