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01 February 2008


PRISHTINA, 1 February 2008 - It is not the first time we are confronted with pressures and classic threats. Finally the blind have taken the liberty to require from us the disclosure of the source in a corruption case. We are not guilty when those who on behalf of distributive justice accept to take bribes and thereafter take the wrong decisions. 
On the contrary, we feel proud when we realize that the corrupt are punished, the more so when cases are initiated by us. Unfortunately, the Agency has no right to punish corruption suspects. If we had the right I am very sure that the solution of cases that we delivered months ago to the prosecutor would have been forgotten. 
However, we are an institution established by the Assembly to strengthen law and order. The Agency has a mission, and that mission is fighting corruption. Our work is deeply focused on detecting and investigating corruption cases, in an effort to prevent and combat corruption as well as help in building a healthy society based on rule of law.
We will continue to fulfil this goal with concrete actions as we have done so far. No one will have the power to stop us, who fearlessly carry out our noble work entrusted to us. 
I say strongly that we will never fear despite the threats coming from any address, whether the "land mafia" or the "ties" who are associated with them. We will perform our work, constantly relying on the basic pillars that are defined by law. Concerning the blind ones who threaten, the police are the ones that will deal with them. We have confidence in these bodies and expect results. 
I urge all those who have information about cases of corruption not to hesitate to contact us so we can together close illegal channels. I guarantee to all that every source of denunciation of corruption will remain extremely confidential, which means that the person will always remain anonymous. 
For us, the time the threat has ended. We have the strong arm of citizens. They so far have not hesitated to join us to eradicate corrupt practices.
Threats of the corrupt only strengthen our belief that we have really hit them but, also the fact that we are really doing the job properly.

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