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25 May 2022

The Director of the Anti-Corruption Agency,Yll Buleshkaj. is participating in the Regional Conference in Croatia on the topic "Culture of Integrity: Enhancing prevention of corruption"

Organized by the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration of Croatia in cooperation with the Global Initiative against Organized Crime, a two-day conference on " Culture of Integrity: Enhancing prevention of corruption " has started in Sibenik, Croatia, with the aim of strengthening regional cooperation and fight against corruption through transparency, and accountability of public institutions.

Addressing the conference, the Director of the Anti-Corruption Agency, Yll Buleshkaj, confirmed the willingness of the Republic of Kosovo to fight corruption and the necessity for regional cooperation in the fight against corruption, while emphasizing that the constant challenge remains to ensure a transparent public sector, accountable and with high ethics that contributes to economic development and victory against corruption.

"Regional cooperation will help us to exchange experiences and information as well as develop professional capacities in fulfilling our mandate to fight corruption," said the Director of ACA, Yll Buleshkaj.

The conference is attended by representatives from the Ministries of Justice and Anti-Corruption Agencies from Kosovo, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia and Serbia

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