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11 May 2012

EULEX rebuts defamations of “Çohu”;

Prishtina, 11 May 2012 - EULEX Prosecution has rebutted as untrue and ungrounded criminal charges of "political organization Çohu" on its claims against Mr. Hasan Preteni, director of the Anti-Corruption Agency.
This organization, initially through a media show, - on 22 February had sent to the EULEX prosecutor in Prishtina, criminal charges against Mr. Preteni under their alleged claims that he has abused his official position. Anti-Corruption Agency but also Mr. Preteni had categorically rejected the untrue claims of "political organization Çohu" and a so-called Kosovo Centre for Investigative Journalism of their falsehood that was published through a press conference where a host of untrue claims and insinuations were spread in order to damage the image and authority of the Agency and its director.
Through an official address to the Agency, the EULEX Prosecutor has confirmed their decision to close the case of the complaint by Çohu and KCIJ on their false and defamatory claims against the Agency and its director Mr. Hasan Preteni. 
"After a thorough review of the case, EULEX prosecutor found no evidence to confirm the accusation by the NGO. Prosecutor findings show that Mr. Preteni has not committed any criminal offense, thus the charges against him are found to be groundless", said EULEX officially.
No more than two months ago, specifically on 7 March 2012, the Constitutional Court had also rebutted an offensive and ungrounded claim against the Agency by Çohu when the latter had sought a constitutional interpretation on a memorandum of understanding between the State Prosecutor and the Agency. 
This organization, for a long time, has continued and is continuing to attack the Agency and blackmail its director, even by interfering into his privacy. 
On 16 February, at a press conference, Lorik Bajrami and Artan Demjaha, representatives of Çohu and Besnik Boletini of the so-called Kosovo Centre for Investigative Journalism, through an immoral and lowest form, distributed their untrue "finding" that the Agency had allegedly falsified official statements of property of some members of the Kosovo parliament.
For all their untrue claims, attacks, blackmail, and intentional defamation by this organization against the institution and Mr. Preteni, the Agency has already filed a civil suit to the Municipal Court in Prishtina. 
Anti-Corruption Agency encourages all media and civil society to be a common part of its efforts in combating and preventing corruption in Kosovo.
Despite all the attacks and pressures by the mentioned organization, the Agency is determined and firm to the highest commitment to carry out its mission and constitutional law in combating and preventing corruption.

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