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28 February 2012

ACA published its annual report

Prishtina, 28 March 2012 - Anti-Corruption Agency published today the annual report on its performance where it appears that public enterprises are the most corrupt institutions in Kosovo.



Director of ACA Hasan Preteni, at a press conference where he presented the report also said that during 2011 the most frequent cases dealt with on corruption in Kosovar institutions were the ones against public enterprises, particularly in the area of ​​procurement.


During 2011 the Agency has handled 160 cases of corruption, where from the total number of cases 60 belong to the category of public enterprises, followed by local government with 56 cases, the Government of Kosovo with 30 cases, courts with 11 cases and the prosecutors with 3 cases.


The procedure of preliminary investigations conducted by the Agency has resulted in the reporting of 121 senior public officials to Kosovo prosecutors. Institutional positions of the persons suspected of corruption are:



Five Mayors and former Mayors, a Chairman of the Municipal Assembly, two judges and former judges, one former prosecutor, one general secretary of the Ministry, one chairman of the board of directors of public companies, one agency head, two chief executives of public companies, one finance and treasury official in the public enterprise, one regional company managing director, one chief financial official of the treasury of the regional company, six directors of central procurement department, eighteen members of the commission for evaluation of public procurement offers at the central level, two central department directors, one central division head, six directors and former directors of the directorate (office) at the municipal level procurement, three directors and former director of the municipal directorate level, nine members of the municipal committee for evaluation of procurement bids and twelve members of the municipal committee for other evaluation, three members of the municipal committee for the project supervision, one manager of the Municipal Community Office, one certification level municipal official, six officials in the field of public procurement, one central level project manager, as well as thirty-five other officials.


Director of ACA Mr. Preteni said that during 2011 the public has not hesitated to report the corrupted, but their trials continue to be a problem that cannot be overcome.


ACA has also proceeded during the reporting period 5 cases to competent administrative authorities with a request to initiate disciplinary proceedings against 7 officials of the institutions of Republic of Kosovo.


The positions of the officials of the institutions in these cases are: a former secretary of the educational institution, a central level inspector, a municipal procurement manager, a director of the municipal education directorate, a secondary school director, and two secondary school teachers.

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