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Prevention of Corruption

Oversight of gifts and catalogue form

  • According to the Law on Declaration, Origin and Control of Property and Gifts of the Senior Public Officials, all institutions of the Republic of Kosovo are obliged to keep a register with the Catalogue of Gifts and their copies are required to be submitted to the Anti-Corruption Agency to 31 March of the following year for the previous year.

  • Institutions must appoint officials responsible for maintaining the register of gifts and should inform the Agency of the names and positions of persons responsible.

  • All gifts received and their respective values as well as the names of persons who have given gifts are to be recorded by an official in the register of gifts provided by the Agency and kept by the institution in which the official holds the office.

  • At the request of the official person who has accepted the gift, the Agency may allow a decision to be taken if there are compelling reasons that the gift is given for personal purposes and shall not affect or appear to affect the performance of official duty.

  • Gift register is public. Relevant institutions are obliged to provide public access to records, in accordance with procedures established by the Law on access to official documents.

  • Agency checks the register of gifts and in the event of any deviation requires institutions to take measures to fully implement this law.

  • If the Agency determines that the official has violated the provisions of this law and if the suspected violation does not constitute a criminal offense, it shall inform the institution where the official is performing his duties and require disciplinary action against the offender. The institution concerned shall inform the Agency of disciplinary measures taken against the official.

  • In cases of suspected criminal offense, the Agency, after the investigations, files criminal charges to the competent prosecutor.