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Prevention of Corruption

Prevention of Conflict of Interest

  • The legal basis on which the ACA supports its work on preventing conflict of interest is the Law on Prevention of Conflict of Interest in Exercise of Public Function no. 02/L-133 approved by the Assembly in November 2007 and Law on Amending the Law no. 02/L-133 on Prevention of Conflict of Interest in Exercise of Public Function, no. 03/L-155. ACA for preventing conflict of interest has conducted its activity that aimed the identification, examination, analysis, warning and avoidance of conflict of interest cases.

  • For the prevention of conflicts of interest ACA uses all available resources as the declaration forms, media and other sources that can serve us identify conflicts of interest.

  • Cases identified as potential conflicts of interest were handled by collecting all necessary information about the relevant cases and collaborating with other institutions of the Republic of Kosovo to gather information about specific cases.

  • When ACA proved facts of the existence of conflicts of interest, it informed in written the official persons investigated for conflict of interest situation and in conformity with law the proceeding was closed to the public and concerned officials were given an opportunity to bring their own arguments to prove the contrary.

  • For year 2009, ACA, identified a total of 47 cases of potential conflict of interest. In 15 cases, warning letters were sent for the existence of conflicts of interest and the officials were requested to face the facts, 27 cases, after the phase of suspicion of conflict of interest and the most recent review by the ACA, have proved not to have elements of conflict of interest and wee closed.

  • Also, during 2009 there has been greater cooperation with Kosovo institutions. ACA received 5 written cases that required ACA opinion on assessing the possible situation of conflict of interest.

  • After collecting the necessary facts we have issued opinions on the aforementioned cases where we have informed the relevant institutions about our position, while institutions have acted based on the opinion of the ACA.

Procedure for Conflict of Interest review begins as follows

  • According to the official duty of the Anti-Corruption Agency,

  • At the request of the supervising manager or monitoring body,

  • At the request of the official himself/herself,

  • According to the information by another person or anonymous information.