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09 December 2014

Press Release

Prishtina, 8 December 2014- On the occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day (9 December), the Anti-Corruption Agency supported by the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo will launch an anti-corruption awareness campaign aiming to urge Kosovo's public to be part of state insitution's efforts in preventing and combating corruption.

The joint campaign focuses on how corruption undermines rule of law, social stability, equality and economic development. It is for the first time that high public officials of Kosovo have jointly signed a pledge card with public commitments to stand united in the fight against corruption in Kosovo.

At the same time citizens are called to join this effort and report corruptive behavior. The fight against corruption must be a national crusade.

The campaign will start on 9 December with the signed Pledge Card posted in main public institutions and printed in daily newspapers. In addition TV spots of high public officials of Kosovo pledging to fight corruption will be broadcasted. TV spots will be broadcast on Radio Television Kosovo (RTK)

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