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Mr. Shaip Havolli Director of the Anti-Corruption Agency


Mr. Shaip Havolli was appointed as Director of the Anti-Corruption Agency, in a five year mandate, by the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo in the plenary session held on 16th of June 2016, based on the Decision No.05V-311.

Prior to being appointed as Director of the Anti-Corruption Agency, - Mr. Havolli from 2001 until 2016 worked at the Kosovo Police in different leading positions in the field of investigations. Whereas, in the last two years he was the Head of the Regional Units for Investigation of Economic Crimes and Corruption, holding the rank of a Major.

Mr. Havolli is specialized in the field of Investigation and Prevention of Economic Crimes, Corruption, Money Laundering, Combating and Preventing Terrorism Financing, Investigation of Cross-border crimes, Taxes, Procurement, and in the field of intellectual Property.

In his career Mr. Havolli has significantly contributed to the drafting of many laws, draft-laws, and important strategic documents for development of policies in the field of implementation of the law. In this regard, he has attended many local and international activities thereby contributing to the harmonization of the legal framework and local strategic papers with the highest international standards.

Mr. Havolli, was part of different processes in terms of fulfilling legal norms (areas of law enforcement), fulfilling the criteria of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement concluded between the EU and Kosovo. An important role in this regard was played by the implementation of EU recommendations in terms of fulfilling the criteria for liberalisation of visas for the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo.

Mr. Havolli completed Masters Studies in the field of Management, whereas he completed University Studies in Business Administration and Marketing. Moreover, he has also completed the Technical high-school of engineers in the University of Prishtina, Department of Electricity.