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17 June 2010


According to article 11 paragraph 5 of the Law on Declaration, Origin and Control of Property and Gifts of the Senior Public Officials, all Republic of Kosovo institutions are obliged to keep the catalogue of gifts and send copies of the catalogue for the previous year to Anti-Corruption Agency until 31 March next year for the previous year.
Within this deadline, the Agency has received copies of the catalogues of gifts from 9 institutions of the Republic of Kosovo.
Institutions that have submitted copies of the catalogue of gifts are:

  1. Presidency of the Republic of Kosovo,
  2. Kosovo Assembly
  3. Constitutional Court of Kosovo,
  4. Ministry of Education, Science and Technology,
  5. Ministry of Economy and Finance,
  6. Municipality of Gjakova,
  7. Municipality of Peja
  8. Civil Aviation Authority,
  9. Central Election Commission.

The data specified on the gift catalogues by institutions that have been submitted to the Anti-Corruption Agency are presented in the table below:
Table. Overview of the submission of copies of the catalogues of gifts.


No Institutions Number of declared gifts Formal Occasion
1 Presidency 12 12 0
2 Kosovo Assembly 18 18 0
3 Constitutional Court 2 2 0
4 MEST 1 0 1
5 MEF 1 0 1
6 Municipality of Gjakova 1 1 0
7 Municipality of Peja 4 1 3
8 Civil Aviation Authority 5 2 3
9 Central Election Commission 1 1 0














While from the other institutions of the Republic of Kosovo, we have received letters notifying that officials of their institutions have not received neither formal nor occasional gift.
Institutions that have announced that they have not received gifts are:

  1. Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo
  2. Ministry of Public Administration
  3. Ministry of Local Government Administration
  4. Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development
  5. Ministry of Justice
  6. Ministry of Kosovo Security Force
  7. Ministry for Communities and Returns
  8. Ministry of Energy and Mining
  9. Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport
  10. Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning
  11. Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare
  12. Ministry of Internal Affairs
  13. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  14. Ministry of Health
  15. Ministry of Transport and Communications
  16. Ministry of Trade and Industry
  17. Kosovo Judicial Council
  18. Kamenica Municipal Court on Minor Offenses
  19. Kamenica Municipal Court
  20. Public Procurement Agency
  21. Kosovo Privatisation Agency
  22. Procurement Review Body
  23. Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals
  24. Public Procurement Commission
  25. Kosovo Judicial Institute
  26. Ombudsperson
  27. Central Bank of Kosovo
  28. Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
  29. Civil Aviation Authority
  30. Energy Regulatory Office
  31. Water and Waste Regulatory Office
  32. Municipality of Decan
  33. Municipality of Gjilan
  34. Municipality of Gjakova
  35. Municipality of Gjilan
  36. Municipality of Gllogoc
  37. Municipality of Gracanica
  38. Municipality of Junik
  39. Municipality of Kamenica
  40. Municipality of Kacanik
  41. Municipality of Lipjan
  42. Municipality of Malisheva
  43. Municipality of Mitrovica
  44. Municipality of Podujeva
  45. Municipality of Prishtina
  46. Municipality of Rahovec
  47. Municipality of Skenderaj
  48. Municipality of Suhareka
  49. Municipality of Vushtrri
  50. Municipality of Istog.

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