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28 May 2010


• In the General Directorate of Kosovo Police was signed the cooperation agreement between the Anti-Corruption Agency and Kosovo Police. According to this Memorandum the parties will provide each other information on issues that are of mutual interest in the field of prevention, investigation and detention of criminal and corruptive phenomena, will share information and cooperate fully in the implementation of Anti-Corruption Law.
• Anti-Corruption Agency and the Kosovo Police set partnership and cooperation relations in preventing and combating corruption through:
• Implementation of communication and data exchange in order to increase efficiency and coordination of work between institutions to strengthen the fight against corruption.
• Coordination of joint tasks and activities to detect and investigate corruption based on law no. 03/L- 159.
• Providing mutual advice in solving problems of various anti-corruption natures.
• The Kosovo Police at the request of the Agency is committed to make available to the Agency documentation related to detecting and investigating corruption.
• Anti-Corruption Agency will send the case file to the Police in cases where the nature of the offenses and the manner of performance exceeds the Agency competences and possibilities for the investigation of cases in accordance with Law on Anti-Corruption Agency no. 03/L- 159 and the Kosovo Police Law no. 03 03/L-035 and will be ready to provide cooperation to the investigation of these cases.
• The Kosovo Police may require the help of Anti-Corruption Agency investigating cases submitted by the Agency.
• Anti-Corruption Agency when facing difficulties in collecting information is to seek the assistance of Police in accordance with article 18 paragraph 5 of the Law on Anti-Corruption Agency no. 03-L-159.

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