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10 December 2008


Written by: Hasan PRETENI
Today, in all countries of the world that tend to build a healthy and democratic society is marked the international day of fight against corruption. This day is also marked here - for the first time as an independent state.
Sadly, the extent of corruption in Kosovo sounds disturbing. And together, as a society - Government, Parliament, Civil society, Media, business and ordinary citizens we should step into the game so we can jointly improve this situation and the image of our state. 
Throughout this year, Anti-Corruption Agency has demonstrated a clearly stated commitment to consistently cultivate and create a broader dimension of cooperation with all those who want to demonstrate their willingness to strengthen the rule of law.
Corruption will be one of the biggest challenges of this transition period. This challenge must be faced, because of corruption, whether there is large or small scope, it is a threat that increases poverty and hampers development in all areas.
Therefore, any movement that tends to spread the corruption virus is necessary to be examined by setting as the first criterion anticorruption program. 
Corruption is a threat to the rule of law, human rights, good governance, fairness, social rights, loyal competition, economic progress, also threatens security in the country and general confidence in public institutions and the moral value of the society.
It is a good opportunity for me to convey our cordial thanks to all those people who demonstrated their civic courage by denouncing acts of corruption. Without the help of society the realization of our mission will become much more difficult. Therefore it is essentially important to increase awareness and to increase the contribution of every citizen of Kosovo to become part of us in order to be winners against potential abusers of Kosovo taxpayers.
The motto of the United Nations, for 9 December 2008, the International Anti-Corruption Day is: A NO from you counts! - And I, as director of the Agency urge all citizens of Kosovo - Say NO to corruption because – Your NO really counts.

(This column was published in the Koha Ditore on 10 December 2008)

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