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06 November 2008


Dear Mrs. Lila;
Dear participants of the Government Cabinet;
Dear All;

First, let me express my congratulations to the ones who made this report that you will introduce shortly. For the development of Kosovo society private business is as important as the strategies themselves, it is therefore of particular importance to identify the negative phenomena in the sector and find opportunities to combat and prevent these phenomena.
I as the man leading an institution which on daily basis directly deals with preventing and combating corruption, with many regrets say that in Kosovo this phenomenon has taken worrying proportions. This is verified by all the research that was made by local and international organizations regarding public perception of Kosovo for the presence of corruption in our society.

Even more disturbing fact is that public money is being misused and being directed to private pockets of groups and individuals - whose actions are significant because some of them are getting rich overnight;
This evil is threatening the rule of law, human rights, good governance, fairness, social rights, loyal competition, economic growth, but also threatens security in the country and general confidence in public institutions and the moral value of society;
Kosovo has its own institutions and has also institutions that have as their mission the fight against corruption, while the necessary legal framework is being finalized. But officials of the institutions are not required to demonstrate readiness to respect the law and good will to fight this evil – corruption.
Therefore, Kosovo needs a very serious commitment to fighting as well as preventing corruption.
Anti-Corruption Agency is making serious efforts to accomplish the mission itself. During this year we have had a remarkable progress, both in combat and in the prevention of corruption. We are also conducting many educational activities, throughout Kosovo municipalities; we are talking to public officials with the sole purpose, encouraging them to engage in activities aimed at preventing in the first place but also fighting corruption.

Dear All,

Opening the debate on each issue is a precondition for that issue to have a solution. To debate today for corruption and necessity of the commitment of everyone in the fight against corruption is no longer a forbidden topic but it is a problem that requires a solution.
I think that this meeting should address clear messages to all:

  • To increase transparency in the use of public money;
  • To have accountability at all levels of government;

Also, I want to say that it is an immediate need for relevant authorities to intensify work on the issue of:

  • Law on declaration and control of property;
  • Amendments to the Anti-Corruption Law;
  • Issue of the National Anti-Corruption Strategy;
  • Approval of the Action Plan;
  • Issue of the Law on Confiscation of Property;

Dear All,
Independent institutions that have as their mission the fight against corruption should be strengthened by allocating adequate means to them.
One thing that is very important in combating and preventing corruption in Kosovo is raising general awareness of citizens to a much higher level. 
I want to ensure all that to report on corruption acts is not an evil action but it is a patriotic act. The fight against corruption must be multifaceted and comprehensive, so that in this battle be involved all institutions and organizations as well as every citizen.

Thank you for your attention: Prishtina, 06 11.2008

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