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02 April 2008


PRISHTINA, 2 April 2008 - The legal deadline for declaration of assets by senior public officials of institutions of the Republic of Kosovo as provided by the Anti-Corruption Law (ACL) has expired on Monday, 31 March 2008. 
Of the total number of senior officials, 747 officials are obliged to declare their assets according to ACL, 560 officials or 74.9% of them have met this legal obligation which is an added demonstration of willingness to declare property towards the first phase last year. Among the officials who have declared the property are the main leaders of the Republic of Kosovo institutions with the exception of a minister who is part of the 215 officials who have not met this legal obligation.
In early March the declaration forms were distributed while the Agency officials held training sessions with persons who were contact points between the ACA and the concerned institution (one for each public institution) so that they have an easier time filling of forms. ACA officials also provided to public officials the necessary assistance in completing various forms.
Director of Anti-Corruption Agency Mr. Hasan Preteni said that ACA would be vigilant against those who still have not declared the property.
"The declaration of property by senior public officials in institutions of Kosovo is provided by law, so those who did not declare the property during the period under ACL also have an option. We expect them to do this because they are required. Agency shall otherwise act within the legal provisions. 
Extra (additional) time based on the Anti-Corruption Law will start next Friday on 4 April 2008 and will last 15 days. Further actions of the Agency against those officials who do not meet this legal obligation will be conform to provisions of ACL where the Agency will require the institution where the senior person holds his office or responsible authority for the reduction for 1/5 of salary for each month (three month time limit), and after this period if the property is not declared under provisions, ACA has the right to demand his dismissal from the institution. Remember that all those who even after the official 15-day period will not carry out their legal obligation, the Agency is then obliged to publish their names. 
On the other hand parallel to the process of declaration of property, based also on the Anti-Corruption Law for the first time this year ACA has asked the public institutions to send a copy of the Catalogue on receipt of the gifts. 
Institutions have responded to this request but besides the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST), other institutions said they have not received any gifts. 

Table form of property declaration

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