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08 March 2008


Prishtina, 8 March 2008 - Director of Anti-Corruption Agency Mr. Hasan Preteni returned from Stockholm Sweden, where he took part in the two-day conference (5 to 6 March 2008) "Against fraud and corruption" organized by "The Polar Star". 

At this conference, in which participated representatives of many institutions and organizations concerned with combating corruption, many topics were discussed: - Handling creative fight against corruption; - Corruption prevention and research; - Do we have proper strategies in the fight against corruption; - Cooperation - should it be worked with the wrong people; - Research and detection; - Accountability; - Prevention of fraud and business management; - Various examples of fraud and corruption in large private enterprises (study work); - The right people for appropriate missions; - Use of government mechanisms to combat corruption, which were topics where important personalities represented organizations and relevant anti-corruption institutions of the whole world. 

After returning Mr. Preteni said that this conference addressed very important issues.
"All the topics covered had a lot of concrete examples. Very interesting and fruitful were the presentations of people exercising duties in specialized institutions for identifying and combating fraud and corruption", he said. Preteni added that estimates of officials of Transparency International (TI) were very productive. "During work and in direct contact with members of the conference I attempted to raise the awareness on the Kosovo issue and the mission of the ACA; the audit officials of Australia and Northern Ireland provided concrete willingness to support ACA. Also, special interest was expressed by audit offices of Finland and Norway, although with different missions, I think the continuation of contacts with these institutions will benefit us", said Mr. Preteni. 

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