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12 February 2008


PRISHTINA, 12 February 2008 - Throughout the year, the Anti-Corruption Agency has followed with great attention all information received on various abusive cases. Many of them have been investigated and were proceeded to Kosovo prosecution. Cases are from the most varied. We are providing several cases, but due to source conservation and reliability because the cases are in the investigative procedures of prosecution we are obliged to avoid the personal data of those who claimed to have been involved in such cases. 

  • Conflict of interest

In some cases, institutional senior officials have hired for their consultants those who are owners of various companies that conduct profitable operations. Consultants appointed to the task once they take the position pass the ownership of the company to someone else fictitious. In these cases the scope of the consultant firm is closely linked to projects of the institution where the consultant is engaged. With these actions are created illegal favours and is opened the possibility for corruption.

  • Misuse of official position

Cases belonging to this phenomenon were not chain linked, but have inherited each other. 

A director of a school has increased the number of students in order to obtain greater funds from the Kosovo budget.
The head of a public institution, from the budget of the institution he leads, has illegally allocated to his party friend, a certain amount of funds for aesthetic recovery (aesthetic operation) abroad. This hinders the possibility of many other ordinary citizens who long wait on the lists for recovery abroad. This disrespect and a waste of budget negatively affect social equality. Involvement in corruption cases is evident in public companies. For example in KEK to get a confirmation that you have no debt to this company is paid 50 euros. Proof is taken in order to register the vehicle.
Cases of non-compliance to procurement law almost throughout the year 2007 had turned into something ordinary. But if there was a tendency to respect the law then measures were taken on procurement officials. In one case a head of a high institution during the procurement procedure had put tremendous pressure on procurement personnel to sign an illegal contract. Once the procurement officer had refused to sign the contract, the head of the institution had taken a decision to terminate him from office.

  • Nepotism

Even for the actions of KPS has are many remarks. ACA has received several complaints from its members which prove the promotion of several members of the KPS illegally and unprofessionally. 
They claim that in this institution promotions are made according to family, group, party. There is evidence that in order to get a higher rank the superior should be compensated with movable or immovable property.

  • Abuses of public money

At the end of the previous mandate of the central institutions of Kosovo, a senior official of a ministry treated his employees with mobile phones worth over 500 euros.
According to the information border police at the border crossing with Macedonia, during the last term some officials using their privileges go on summer holiday in two official cars packed full with family. With two official vehicles on holiday go also the accompanying persons of senior officials (drivers and security personnel).
A former head of an institution for furnishing his office inventory spent 5723, while his successor furnishes the same office with more inventory in the amount of 27.458.55 euros. So we have a large four times higher discrepancy among first and second price.
Abuses in public money are not spared even when writers are called upon patriotic issues. This is about publishing a book for which the press for a copy was 8 euros, while its selling price in the market has cost 4 euros.

  • Sales of immovable property

Many of the premises that are leased by KTA to persons who conduct business are not exploited by those who appear on the list of leasers. Mainly they are given to others by using and taking advantage on the prices by the relatives of officials who through them get their rented premises from the KTA.
Five officials of the same institution have bought plots in the same place, at the same time and with the same area.
During the privatization process of a parcel in the size greater than 70 hectares, are published the names of persons who have benefited. But some people react to that settlement claiming that the property privatized had been their property during the earlier periods claiming so their property with deeds. The person there on the list as the beneficiary from the pressure of claiming people finally admits that he is only a fictive owner, but the real beneficiaries of those parcels are some names in senior positions in central institutions of the country.

  • Other Cases

The son of a senior leader of an important financial institution has in his auto parking three cars the value of which amounts to over 250 thousand euros.
The leader of a high institution with public money has sent abroad for treatment the wife of his driver.
During the arson period in Kosovo a forest was first cut in a quick and illegal procedure, then set on fire.

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