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0800 10800 Calls are for free, confidential and reliable

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Corruption reporting procedures

All persons who have information on corruption cases or are constantly faced with abuse or face corruption in their daily life contact Anti-Corruption Agency. All methods of reporting are reliable and confidential:

Contact by phone at:
044 082 82 (calls are free and confidential)

For every case of corruption which you want to report, you can contact the Agency through toll free phone at the number 044 082 82. All calls made to this number and information received from them serve only as records to the Agency. Toll free call services functions from 08:00 to 16:00.

Contact in person at the address:
Anti-Corruption Agency
Street " Nazim Gafurri ", no. 31, Prishtina, Kosovo

You may come personally to report on the case/cases that you have faced. Once you report to the Agency, your report will be registered by the ACA officers who will show you the next steps that will be pursued.

Contact by e-mail at:

Your reporting can be done through electronic mail through the Agency website in the section "report corruption online". Reporting/s sent by email will be used only as information given to the Anti-Corruption Agency.

If you with your reporting send also your contact information then Agency employees will contact you immediately and notify you on the next steps, while your data will be kept confidential.

By post to the address:
Anti-Corruption Agency
Street " Nazim Gafurri ", no. 31, Prishtina, Kosovo

Also, you can report cases to the Agency by letters sent through the post at the above address. All information sent by you will be registered by employees of the Agency. If in your letter, you put your contact details, then you will be contacted by employees of the Agency to be notified on further steps.

All reporting methods are confidential and reliable.